Getting a better deal on your energy bill

Clear and simple energy bills can build consumer trust in their retailer and help them make more confident decisions in the energy market.

Our Better Bills Guideline sets out how energy retailers must prepare and issue bills that will tell their customers, just by a quick glance at their power bill, whether they could be on a better offer, and how to switch.

The guideline requires a compulsory ‘better offer’ statement on the first page of the bill, under the heading “Could you save money on another plan?”

Design principles

Energy retailers also need to follow a set of design principles, to make sure their bills:

  • use simple language, avoiding jargon and abbreviations
  • are presented in a way that is easy to understand
  • give priority to the most important information through formatting techniques and information ordering
  • are designed using practices proven to enhance customer comprehension such as consumer research and testing.

The guideline also requires clear contact information on how customers can switch, whether conditions apply, and a reference to our comparison website

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Take a look at the Better bills guideline

Final decision

The Better Bills Guideline requires energy retailers to make energy bills simpler and to tell their customers whether they could be on a better offer.